Excellent, thanks for sharing!

It drives me nuts. We all know that you just got done reading “Top 10 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Super Awesome New Blog in Under 20 days Without Spending a Dime So That Your Blog becomes The Focus of My Next Top 10 List and Skyrockets you to Fame”

We get it that guy told you that part of your strategy should be comment often and everywhere. But seriously I can follow your slimy trail around the internet for days. You are the reason that I stop just short of getting into an engaging conversation on a well written article. You litter the comment area of what used to be some of my favorite blogs and I see you time and time again.

Yes please do comment, people like to get involved with someone that get’s involved but add something worthwhile. At the very least try to write a complete sentence and stop using cut and paste.

Don’t get me wrong I to am guilty of leaving the occasional weak comment from time to time just to pat the author on the back and let them know that I am impressed with their article, but for god sake you are relentless. You never have anything intelligent to add to the conversation, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if you have found a way to harness the power of the auto DM and utilize it in your comment strategy.

Please for the sake of the rest of us who, from time to time, would actually like to get involved in a halfway decent conversation over a well written article, go back to MySpaz click Add Friend 200 times and call it a day.