Deciding to make the switch back to WordPress was oddly difficult for me to do. I say that only because I’m very comfortable with WordPress development so it shouldn’t have been such a decision. None the less I finally pulled the trigger deciding that with the coming release of 3.1 that I would still be able to “blog” the way I wanted to (the tumblr way) and I’d have a platform for going a little more in depth from time to time.

That leads me to why I even started thinking about the change in the first place. For one I have decided the I will jump back into writing a bit more, be it because I recently started working on a degree in my spare time which has rekindled my desire to write or be it that I got tangled in a new years resolution. None the less I wasn’t 100% sure that tumblr was the best place to make that happen even though it makes everything else I’ll be doing so much easier. The second reason has to do with comments. For the life of me I just getting get my head around making comments function the way I wanted them to on Tumblr. While a lot of people are tossing the idea of comments to the wayside for the simpler tweet reactions, I still very much appreciate the comments the my post generate from time to time. In my opinion the comments often become more important than the article itself.

That’s it, back to WordPress.