Custom Page Labels is a no frills WordPress plugin that allows you to add a custom label (identifier) to a page making it is easier to quickly identify a page on the all pages screen.


Not all page titles are as simple or as identifiable as “About Us” or “Home Page”. More often they’re carefully crafted and even a bit lengthy. For example, about us becomes “Our Amazing Widget Company Employs Only the Best and the Brightest.”

Now imagine you’re a busy site admin, in fact site admin is only one of your many roles. It’s been a few weeks since you last logged into the site, you’ve got a handful of edits ready and you need to move quickly. You gather your edits, login and head over to the pages screen.

Hmm, wait, what’s our about page titled again? Which one is the home page? Now you’re opening tabs, clicking quick edit to check page slugs. This is taking a bit longer than I’d hoped.

This plugin, in my opinion, creates a simple solution. It adds a single meta box to the page edit screen allowing you to tag the page with a simple descriptive label. That label is displayed in a custom column so that you the developer and your site authors can quickly jump in and identify the pages that need editing.

Interested? You can find it here

The screenshots should clear up any confusion.

Oh and this is the first WordPress plugin I’ve put for public release, go easy on me. I welcome your comments and questions.

I do plan to submit it to the plugin repository in the near future I’d just like to make sure I have ample time to review before doing so.

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