I’m afraid that in a few years Webdesign is nothing more than: Download -> Fill With Content -> Upload -> Get Fame.

Quote taken from the Drawar Forums written by username: Flowrush, a student of Communication and Multimedia Design

While I might not include fame as a definite, quite often I find myself thinking about were web design is headed and noting the above as one of the possible outcomes. I do not see this as the only avenue we will head down in years to come but I do see it as a major factor in determining the public perception of design as a profession as well as the way in which one practices and makes a living from the practice of.

What will it mean to be a designer, specifically a web designer or developer a year or five from now?

I have my own theories, ideas and moral dilemmas concerning the topic and will perhaps expand on them in future articles, but a comment like this really makes me think.

Where do you see things heading?