It’s interesting to think about how articles like the two directly below will start to shape our client’s thoughts on their approach to web strategy. The call for mobile design has been building for quite a while and (from my point of view) really seemed to pick up momentum in the latter part of 2010. That’s not to say that it hasn’t been on the our minds for quite some time but I feel like we will soon start to see our clients more frequently questioning the need for a mobile strategy.

Link: Smartphone shipments surpass PCs

Link: iOS devices hit 65 percent of Apple sales

To further enforce this, and I’m not one to subscribe to the “web design trends for 20XX”, but I have seen mobile mentioned more than once as one of the upcoming “trends”. We know that many of our clients are quite aware of these site publishing “trends” list and whether we like to admit it or not it can often influence the initial conversation. That coupled with hard facts is going to be difficult to ignore.

I would of course have to disagree that the descriptive term for this should be “trend” but rather the changing face of the web, how we access information and approach marketing. That’s not to say that traditional access will be ignored but rather that we’ll all need to more seriously consider our clients want or need to deliver experiences that are formatted across multiple platforms. In my personal opinion this is a good place to start.