I realized today that part of the genius of Apple’s product events is that they get people like me, who may not be able to afford the latest and greatest, just as hyped and excited about their products as the people who can. I imagine this gets a lot of people talking, probably talking so much that the people who can afford the products start to listen even when they aren’t keen on Apple’s every move.

My Twitter stream turns into a play by play. People call their friends to ask if they’ll be buying white or black. I tell my brother about it over the phone as he calls me on the way in to work. Word spreads quickly.

When the first iPad came out I found myself hyping it to some relatives that happened to be discussing the pros and cons of iPad/Kindle/Nook. Knowing full well I wouldn’t be purchasing one any time soon I still sold it as the obvious choice of the three. Now I’m starting to see why my mother ended up with an iPad before I did?

I know this isn’t an earth shattering revelation, the excitement that Apple creates around their product has been mentioned time and again. I just found it interesting when I finally realized I get just as caught up in the excitement as the next.

Kudos Apple you win again.