Reviews of the new Ipad are being done to death so instead I thought I might some random thoughts on the various opportunities I see for the iPad.

But I do want to make a quick point or two.

Some odd years ago a little thing called the iPhone was released. For some it was the most amazing creation next to the planet earth itself, others didn’t quite understand what they were looking at and still others laughed and shrugged it off.

Today my mom has one. She’s a PC.

I don’t think it is the product itself that we need to be looking at, I think the opportunities that it presents to Apple and the people who use it are going to have greater impact.

To comment on one of the major reactions I have seen thus far.

It looks like an enlarged iPhone. – Sure you were expecting something ridiculously innovative, something new, something different. But why? This new device by far beats anything currently on the market and anything that has been attempted in the past. To me the fact that it is an overgrown iPhone means one thing, it’s going to work and it’s going to work well.

On to my random thought – opportunity in education.

Imagine upon entering college your tuition includes the purchase of an iPad. Each semester upon registering for classes, included in your tuition is a book subscription. This subscription pricing is based on number of credits, not the actual book pricing off the shelf.

While registering all of your books are automatically selected and packaged as one download, ready for you at any time. Now instead of lugging around 10 odd size books to class each day you will carry one sleek, lightweight instrument.

You can mark, annotate and highlight your books at will with no repercussions come book turn in time, because there is no longer a book turn in.

Sure that means that some of the money you were used to getting back at the end of each semester disappears, but with a subscription package such as that mentioned above, they have also figured out a way to cut the cost of books in half.

Let’s be honest, when is that last time they gave you full price on returned books? I do think however that something of this nature would present interesting opportunities – book trade apps perhaps.

So not only has the weight of ten odd books and manuals been eliminated, but the need to carry a slew of notepads calendars etc has been replace. Essentially you have one tool that is absolutely necessary for you to attend class. The list of apps and tools useful to the average college student will only grow from there.

Sure there will still be course that require instruments and apparatus that can not be packaged neatly on the iPad, but a large majority of the courses you attend, especially during the first two years, can be.

I am sure there are holes in this idea but like I said, just a random thought.

I for one can not wait to see how the iPad effects everyday life. Will it be as influential as the iPhone has been?

What do you think?