It’s taken forever, much longer than I’d hoped or thought but I finally have something to share in regards to the Charlene WordPress theme.

It’s in beta and it’s up on GitHub. Honest, have a look

I’ll write a more comprehensive post regarding this version but here’s what I’ll say for now. The theme has been completely reworked from top to bottom, this is not to be considered an upgrade from V1 or older. It is however very similar with most of the same features so the transition should be fairly painless.

Here’s what’s on tap:

  • HTML5 and Responsive
  • Post Formats Included
  • No more theme options
  • A few sensible customization options using the theme customizer
  • New default font
  • Same content focused layout

You can see the demo here, it will be updated as I push new changes.

Which brings me to my next note. As mentioned above it is available on GitHub and I have enabled support for the GitHub Updater, so if you’re feeling brave and would like to give it a go please feel free but I do not recommend running it on a production site just yet. That said, if you do happen to play around with the theme a bit I would love to get your feedback, you can email me jeremy[at]

That’s all for now.

Update 7/30/2014

I’ve been pushing some pretty steady updates over the past week, we’re getting closer. If anyone out there has taken the leap and activated the theme I’d love to get your feedback.

Update 09/10/2014

Charlene V2 is now considered stable. I’m hoping to have it approved for .org within the next week or two but for now you can grab a copy here and/or see a demo here. All feedback is welcome and appreciated!