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Using the Custom Page Labels Plugin for Content Inventories

How many times have you found yourself getting ready to start a big WordPress development project that requires a well-thought-out reorganization if not a complete restructuring of existing site content?

You’ll likely┬ástart by taking inventory of what you have, carefully organizing all existing content into topic areas using content type labels or taxonomy.

If you’re anything like me you this is right around the time that you start feeling anxious and overwhelmed, staring at content, trying to figure out where to start.

What if this process could be made easier by starting inside of WordPress?


WordPress Plugin: Custom Page Labels

Custom Page Labels is a no frills WordPress plugin that allows you to add a custom label (identifier) to a page making it is easier to quickly identify a page on the all pages screen.


Not all page titles are as simple or as identifiable as “About Us” or “Home Page”. More often they’re carefully crafted and even a bit lengthy. For example, about us becomes “Our Amazing Widget Company Employs Only the Best and the Brightest.”