It’s been a goal of mine for some time to get back to where I started, building with WordPress and writing about the process. (Well, to really get back to where I started you’d have to include a bout with Cube Cart but I’d rather not.) I realize it’s a bit cliche to be writing about goals on the first day of the new year but I figured now is as good a time as any to really try and focus on making this happen.

I will of course continue to work as Papertree on all of the various WordPress and non-WordPress related projects that myself and some very reliable “partners” are lucky to be a part of, but this year I’d like to jump back into a few strictly WordPress development projects all on my own.

So with that, I decided to ring in the New Year with a quick little child theme taking the new Twenty Twelve theme for a spin. It’s nothing fancy but I think it will serve it’s purpose well. I have to say that Twenty Twelve is worth a look, if for no other reason but to learn. Along with the new “look” you’ll see that I’ve also set up a services page (strictly WordPress) detailing the type of project I’m looking to get involved in. So if you’re heading into the new year with a project that requires a reliable and experienced WordPress developer, drop me a message and we can chat.

Happy New Year!