Here is a simple way to use the Genesis custom post class field to set up a nice little anchor link and hashed url.


Recently I was involved in a project where the about (team) page required a nice smooth scroll that would link an employee’s headshot to an anchored position further down the page where more info about the employee could be found. We also wanted to keep in place a nice human readable hash so that the bio could be linked to directly (for those of you asking why we’re not using the_ID() to accomplish this).

With a few anchor links and a little jQuery this is typically pretty easy to pull off but it gets a little more challenging when you have consider the loop and intend to keep things dynamic.

After exploring Genesis and racking my brain for a bit I came up with a pretty decent solution.

The Solution

Employees are a custom post type, Genesis layout enabled, employees entered individually.

For each employee I enter a unique identifier in the Layout Settings – Custom Post Class. Could be the person’s last name or maybe their title, whatever works. Example “smith”.

With the class assigned above now accessible from within the loop it’s just a matter of using it to set up your anchors.

Usage will probably vary so I won’t go into detail with the code but here’s the general scenario.

For the page we created a custom template. In that template we have two loops. The first loop sets up a grid of all employees, headshot, name and title. Inside that loop we create the anchor link by echoing the custom post class and adding a hash, see step 1.

Further down the page we have the second loop. Single column, each employee listed out with additional information like their bio, a short video etc. Here we do the same thing only this time we echo out the custom post class as a div id wrapping each employee.

Code example truncated for brevity:

With that you have your anchor links set up!

Next I of course invoked some jquery to set up my smooth scroll, I prefer, and we’re good to go.